VayaPin is a simple code based on alphanumeric characters (ABC123), recognised by more than 85% of the world’s population, making VayaPin a worldwide solution that can be implemented and understood anywhere.

Consider your VayaPin address like your phone number or e-mail, it’s personal, movable and might become the only address you will ever need.


From museums and rental homes to monuments or natural marvels, VayaPin provides a
solution to easily locate the most interesting places to visit around the world, even those located off the beaten path, without wasting time or getting lost.

The accuracy and simplicity of VayaPin makes it a perfect solution to communicate a location and contact details of the most interesting places to visit, particularly for those that are hard to find using conventional addresses or that require complicated instructions to arrive.

Finding places using traditional and alternative address systems is a challenge for many international travellers who often struggle with language barriers. Based on simple globally known characters, VayaPin eliminates those barriers, while also providing travellers additional information in multiple languages as well as the contact details of the location, all in just one place.

Reach out to get your own customized Travel Guide for your area. You provide the locations, images and the descriptions you wish to show, and we convert the locations to VayaPins, design the guide and return you a printable file.

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