VayaPin is a simple code based on alphanumeric characters (ABC123), recognised by more than 85% of the world’s population, making VayaPin a worldwide solution that can be implemented and understood anywhere.

Consider your VayaPin address like your phone number or e-mail, it’s personal, movable and might become the only address you will ever need.


When a guest enters your VayaPin address into the app, they will not only get precise directions to your place, using ANY navigation app they prefer, but also get access to:

  • Images and logo of your place, uploaded by you
  • A description of your restaurant in the languages you have made available
  • Your contact details and opening hours
  • Your Menus
  • Links to TripAdvisor – to easily make that 5 star rating
  • Links to your social media channels
  • Easily share your location with their friends.

Hurry up and claim your unique address that matches your business name, before someone else snatches it.

Make sure to check the “Food Delivery” example out and see the benefits you and your customers will get when they place an order to be delivered.

Some would say that with a VayaPin, your website becomes obsolete, but who are we to judge…

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more