VayaPin is a simple code based on alphanumeric characters (ABC123), recognised by more than 85% of the world’s population, making VayaPin a worldwide solution that can be implemented and understood anywhere.

Consider your VayaPin address like your phone number or e-mail, it’s personal, movable and might become the only address you will ever need.


Do you rent out your home, cabin, summerhouse or boat?
Do people often have trouble in finding your location and getting basic information about your place?

Then this might just blow your mind.

Once your guests have downloaded the app, they will have direct access to:

  • A precise location pinned by you – your guests can use ANY navigation app they prefer to arrive at your destination.
  • Pictures of the property (no more doubts about whether you arrived at the right place).
  • All your contact information available
  • Add files, such as house rules, area recommendations, manuals for your TV, dishwasher, etc. You can even add them in various languages
  • Relevant phone numbers, such as medical assistance, fire department and police.
  • Password protected access to sensitive information, such as alarm codes, key placement, wifi code, etc.
  • And so much more.

Sign up now and give your guests an even better experience with a short, simple and precise
location option, packed with relevant information.

Claim your unique custom-made address now

Do you manage several rental properties or other types of location based rentals? Please reach out to learn more about our upcoming Backend-Management solution.

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