VayaPin is a simple code based on alphanumeric characters (ABC123), recognised by more than 85% of the world’s population, making VayaPin a worldwide solution that can be implemented and understood anywhere.

Consider your VayaPin address like your phone number or e-mail, it’s personal, movable and might become the only address you will ever need.


Destination guidance or ride hailing with VayaPin is business as usual, just more efficient, accurate and time saving.

A VayaPin is easy to enter and communicate regardless of language barriers and it works with all existing Map Providers.

It provides accurate drop off and pick up locations, since they are pinned by the users and have an exact image of the location attached. All contact details are also available when needed.

Just enter your VayaPin destination address in the VayaPin App, press “Navigate” and choose your preferred Map provider or Ride hailing company to guide or take you to your destination.

If you choose Uber, Cabify, etc., your VayaPin is automatically inserted as your destination point, avoiding you having to assist the driver in getting there – just lean back and enjoy the ride.

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