YOU choose which features will be displayed on your VayaPin and which should be password protected.


Your own VayaPin address

- Select your Country and choose a random Pin (AB23YN) or customize your own Pin (THEKING) and get the same address for the rest of your life.
- No need to inform everyone when you’re moving, simply move the Pin inside “MyVayaPin” to your new location.


Contact details for you or your business

Your name or business name
Telephone number
Official address – If you have one
Opening hours


Images and/or logo of your house or business

Makes it easier for people to find you and shortens delivery time.

Add relevant info, such as a “Covid Sensitive” label to your image to ensure social distancing when needed.


Textbox in multiple languages

Add info to your address, such as “Doorbell not working”, “beware of the dog”, “Please leave parcels in the garage”, or a concept description of your business.


“Add to contact” option

Add your friends' VAYAPIN addresses to their contact details in your phonebook and always stay automatically updated on their current addresses.


Social Media

Add social media accounts or links to your address, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor, etc. Perfect for business to present an all-in-one solution to their clients, available from the moment they click in the VayaPin address.


Attach files to your VayaPin

Easily add files to your address, such as “House Rules” (for rentals), “Menu” (for restaurant, food trucks, caterings), Pricelists, User Manuals, Certificates, Documents, etc.


Password protected fields

Here you can easily tick off the features you wish to share only with specific people and also add an extra password for more sensitive information like alarm codes, WIFI code, key placement, etc.


One address to rule them all

Not only you can add your official address to your Vayapin, but once created, you can automatically see your address from others providers such as Google+, Makani, What3words, etc.

Instant access to Emergency Pin

THIS FEATURE CAN SAVE LIVES. When an emergency occurs at any location, you can quickly and easily get a temporary short and accurate pin created from your current position; “SOS205” that you can share with the emergency dispatch team without the struggle of communicating a location

Need of medical assistance

Through our collaboration with you can always get instant access to an online videocall with a doctor, in your preferred language, who can also prescribe you medicine. A valuable option when renting out your house to tourists.

A “Sub address” in your local language

Not only you will get an international recognizable address, but also the option of a sub-address with any local language characters, to simplify regional communication.

KYC - Know Your Customer

Get real time verification from your clients confirming their identity and location.

Live tracking

Enable/Disable live tracking as you please and share your real time location.